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Couple of things to keep in mind...

1) Specific results are based on the work and effort that each studio owner put into their program. I showed them how to get their program off of the ground - but they put in the time and energy.

2) These clients agreed to write a testimonial. No one has been compensated for their time or their testimonial.


"This training was valuable in creating a proven working system to finding new students and keeping a full studio. I’ve seen my expectations go up and I’ve been working on creating more experiences for my students. I’ve seen so many positive changes in the way I interact with my students and their families.

Absolutely worth every penny. Even if you take away the very minimum, you will see an uptick in contacts and students. Anyone who wants to improve their studios should be taking this. Anyone who is frustrated and feels like no matter how hard they teach or work, it is difficult to reach new students.

I make over $500 MORE money per WEEK since completing the training. And that money is only growing with each contact that I receive from my website. I went from 32 to 51 students in less than 6 months!"

Kim Carney
West Chester, PA

“After completing both 'Scale Your Studio' and 'Successful Group Lessons' from Grow Your Music Studio, I knew that SMM would be packed full with extremely valuable and actionable content! 

The training talks you through each part of marketing that you need to consider with plenty of detail! If you're anything like me this will include much which you had never thought of. 

If you do have questions along the way, the frequent live sessions Daniel hosts are immensely useful. 

I'm now at full capacity (during COVID) as a single teacher studio. Also excited to be opening up a second premises. This course has helped give me the confidence to make that a success. I now know what I need to do to grow numbers further. It's worth the investment as ultimately it will pay for itself many times over!  

Frazer Mitchell
Livingston, UK 

In the middle of a global pandemic, I doubled my enrollment. During the most adverse circumstances my business has ever faced, I have had the greatest growth I have ever experienced. I am now a person who knows how much control I really have over my business and how big the possibilities really can be (for now! They'll keep growing as I keep going forward!).

 My motivations were initially to escape the ever present burdens of debt and unpredictable income. Now I'm more curious about bigger possibilities.

Sabrina Murton
Albuquerque, NM 

"I joined because I wanted better strategies, but from a person I could really trust. The full meal. Books start you off, but they aren't enough. Besides good strategies, I got a crash-course on how to be a pro copywriter & marketer, a no-BS metrics system to track my business's health, action steps that immediately gave me results, more specific examples and scripts than I can count, and a window into the future that makes all the work even worth it. If you want to grow a studio business, take this.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this entire course is one of the most impressive, well-put-together pieces of pedagogy I have ever seen. I never thought that a marketing course would bring me close to tears of joy from sheer relief and pleasure to understand something that felt so unclear before, but here we are."  

Brett Crudgington New York, NY 

"We noticed that as we continued to implement each module into our business, we became more and more organized and the whole business began to make more sense. The course was worth way more than what we paid for it and our growth continues, but now we know why!

We have already reached a long-term goal of making $10,000 a month with the studio and can directly attribute this to what we've learned in this program."

Paul & Melissa Lucas Hinesville, GA

"5 months and some amazing work later, I have almost doubled my enrollment. I have a smarter, sharper way of thinking about my programming, after pointing everything toward a customer-oriented message.

Less time goes into answering leads, phone calls and payment processing, freeing up time for not only creating revenue, but for putting energy toward creative projects- something I've been desperate to focus on."

Jill Buchanan Boston, MA 

"We started at our commercial location in November 2018 with 37 students and 3 teachers. Just 5 months after (April 2018) we are counting 104 students and 9 teachers and growing!

We now know how to address our customers, how to relate to them, and we also have the tools to create great working marketing campaigns."

Elena & Marta Maroto London, ENG 

"I joined Studio Marketing Masterclass as I had no idea how to use Google Ads to attract new students and wanted to understand how to market my studio successfully. This training has opened my eyes to a whole new approach. It has been hard work, but as everything was step by step, understanding each process was easy.

The biggest changes are number of students contacting me, and automation of some systems, saving me hours so far! It is worth the investment - the income generated so far has already outweighed the cost of the training and all the Google Ads that have run. You should take this training if you want more students and a better website." 

Sarah Daltrey Wiltshire, ENG 

"I joined Studio Marketing Masterclass because I wanted to improve on the results in my Successful Group Lessons program. I had just converted my current students and wanted to grow the classes, because I was so happy with the results from Successful Group Lessons. The training helped me to develop a website, learn to communicate better to the needs of my families, identify what type of studio I wanted, understand which type of families would and would not be a good fit, learn about Google Ads and to create those (I had never done anything like this before), learn how to care for the families the first year they were in the studio with internal marketing strategies. (this was my all-time favorite and most desperately needed skill).  

I have never questioned the investment. I have spent more for studio development products that didn't deliver. This delivered beyond my expectations."  

Dena Maxwell Woodstock, IL 

"In the first module, Daniel completely changed my attitude toward marketing and being a studio owner. I was suddenly eager to learn more. Each step of the course includes clear, actionable items that are implemented in real life. No busywork, no fluff. I believe a course like this should be a part of music degree programs."  

Chrissy Misso Rochester, MN 

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